Red carpet

The worst dressed of the Goya awards 2016

There is no awards ceremony without a red carpet, or a red carpet without a cast of nonsense, gross mistakes and horrifying looks that will go down in the annals of history as nominated for worse dressed, and these Goya 2016 awards could not be less. Hold on to your chairs and cover your eyes, here are the worst dressed of the 30th edition of the Goya.

Victoria Abril by Jean Paul Gaultier

Difficult to digest was undoubtedly the look of Jean Paul Gaultier chosen by Victoria April for the Goya 2016. The black dress of honor had a pass, but the jacket with yellow lining, no, no and no. And the goggles effect either.

Inma Cuesta by Teresa Helbig

The monjil moment of the night was starred by Inma Cuesta with this design by Teresa Helbig.

María León by Leandro Cano

Definitely the dress of Leandro Cano that Maria Leon wore has not passed the barrier and has fallen on the list of worst dressed of the Goya 2016. It will be again, Maria.

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo by Lorenzo Caprile

An outdated look, very seen and with a too deep neckline and a front opening that did not compensate for the dress, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo sneaks into this list with her Lorenzo Caprile.

Bethlehem Wheel of Rosa Clará

Girlfriend on the run. Belén Rueda has earned the greatest horrors seen on the red carpet of the players in this ranking Goya Awards.

Verónica Sánchez of The 2nd Skin Co

Dressed by The 2nd Skin Co, the actress Verónica Sánchez is a big no. Sorry, that print just out of the grandmother's curtains does not pass the cut.

Juliette Loewe's Binoche

There is not Loewe Save this error. Too much neckline, a lot of shine, a round turkey moment that better to forget and some fringes at the end of the design that completed the pack. Juliette Binoche, other fail of the night.

Miriam Díaz Aroca by Carlos Nieves

There are no words to describe the nonsense of Miriam Díaz Aroca, judge yourselves.

Cristina Brondo Hannibal Laguna

The color of this Hannibal Laguna did not favor at all Cristina Brondo, the design cut either, so it belongs to the list of worst dressed.

Nathalie Seseña de Chorda Couture

Blindness, hyperventilation and finally, cardiac arrest. About Nathalie Seseña with this Chorda Couture It has no name.

María Adánez de Uel Camilo

Call this V neckline this design of Uel Camilo chosen by María Adánez It is to fall short, little more and join the lower opening with the prominent neckline. Simply not.

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