The most romantic cities and 11 good, beautiful and cheap hotels

Now that is coming Valentine's DayI think many will agree that a travel as a couple It would be the perfect gift. What counts are the want to be together, but there are destinations that will make the trip an even better choice. Can you imagine which ones?


If the world has decided that Paris is the city of love, we are not going to be ready now that we deny it. Eat croissants in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, stroll along the banks of the Saint-Martin channel feeling the breeze on your face, eat an ice cream in the Île de Saint-Louis or get lost between the shelves of Shakespeare & Co. You haven't opened the page to book the flight yet?

hotel: Saint-Louis Marais.


Walking by their cobbled streets and browsing his channel network, we can discover the white houses of the beguinas, he lake of love or the Grote Markt, one of the most impressive squares in Europe, with permission from its neighbor Grand place from Brussels. If with the smell of waffle you do not find the romantic spark, it will only remain to resort to the wonderful ones beer varieties.

hotel: Koofieboontje


No matter what our budget; in Vienna, we can all feel as if we had just left a imperial dance. Walk between palaces, listen on any street the echoes of the violins of the State opera and end the day in the Ferris wheel. That is the plan and it doesn't sound bad.

hotel: Prinz Eugen


Just see the building of the Parliament illuminated at night, join the masses that go to the Opera in jeans and sports shoes or have a drink in the New York coffee They would make up the trip. But Budapest is, above all, the city of spas. Enjoy the facilities of Gellert or the SzéchenyiIn addition to relaxing, cheap and very Hungarian, it is a most romantic plan.

hotel: La Prima Fashion


London is the best city in the world for almost everything. Also for love. A walk around the Hyde Park Serpentine, before seeing the city from the London Eye, the catwalk of Tower bridge or the last floor of the Tate and end the day in the Apple Market from Covent Garden It doesn't seem like a bad plan. Staying in the stately North Victorian areas The park will make it a round trip.

hotel: Best Western Plus Delmere


Nothing better than shelter from the cold in a cafe, after spending the day at town hall, he VasaMuseet or on a ship touring the archipelago. With a little winter sun reflected in the colorful facades of Gamla Stan, it will seem to you that you are in paradise.

hotel: Mälardrottningen


The problem of a romantic trip to Istanbul is that you run the risk of finishing more in love with the city That of the couple. The beauty of the mosques, he bustle of the modern part, the tradition of prayer call, the Bosphorus colors, a snack of mackerel on an old ship and the smell of baklava. Aaaay

hotel: Sarnic Premier


We will not discover too much about Venice at this stage of life. Until be ruined by gondolieri it will seem like a wonderful experience as soon as you look at the Bridge of Sighs or you travel in vaporetto he Great channel.

hotel: Da Bruno


Other must of traveler romanticism. Divide the two parts of the city from the Bridge of Carlos, before getting lost at sunset by streets of the Staré Město, with the lighting of its buildings and the spectacle of Astronomical Clock of the Cathedral They leave us with no option to ask for more.

hotel: Karlova Prague


Edinburgh in February It is a challenge if you are cold, but everything will compensate in a walk through the Royal mile, a pint in The dome (an old bank converted into a pub) or the view of the Castle. If you are left wanting more Scotland, a getaway to the Highlands can turn those days into the journey of your lives.

hotel: The Dunstane


It is not always necessary to do many kilometers To live a romantic weekend. Lisbon, with its historic streets, the red roofs of Alfama and the smell of fado in every street it can be, sometimes, the best option.

hotel: Ribeira Tejo by Shiadu

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