How to organize your week in the gym: start training now for the summer

I do not like the bikini operation, basically because it is impossible to do in two months (or one for some very optimistic) everything you have not done during the year. Therefore, if your goal is to improve your physical appearance and look good this summer, It is important that you do not leave it for the month of May: Start taking care of yourself now! If you do it for health, it doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter.

In addition to starting to prepare with time it is necessary that let's be clear about what we have to do in the gym and not wandering from here to there without finishing doing anything in particular. That is why today I bring you this calendar with which you can organize your week in the gym. Without excuses!

Important: prioritize weights over cardio

At this point we should have far exceeded the myth that a woman when training with weights becomes like Hulk, and also that to lose weight you have to do hours and hours and hours of cardiovascular exercise. Neither the weights will put you as a bodybuilder nor will the tape make you lose weight faster.

It is important that when we go to the gym for aesthetics let's prioritize strength work, either with weights or with our own body weight, compared to cardiovascular work. We are interested in maintaining a good muscle mass that ensures that we do not lose weight by losing weight and also helps us burn more kilocalories during the day.

I personally prefer work in the free weight zone with basic exercises: In the machines I feel very uncomfortable (I get the impression that "I have big ones") and, in addition, with free weight exercises we work large muscle groups instead of focusing only on a small muscle at a time.

If you plan to go to the gym five days a week (Monday through Friday), three of them should be dedicated to strength work, and have a rest day in between. That is to say: Monday, Wednesday and Friday for strength; Tuesday and Thursday, active rest.

The routine, what exercises do I do?

The routine that I use and that works very well for both novices and advanced ones is a routine full-body or full body, with which all important muscle groups are touched every day that you train (you usually leave a rest day in between).

The routine has four basic exercises (two for legs and two for torso), three accessory exercises for the arms and one for the abdomen. The series and the repetitions I vary, but for the basic exercises there can be three sets of 10 repetitions each, and for the accessories three sets of eight. Always working with weights that cost me to reach the penultimate and last repetitions: no featherweight.

Basic Exercises: bar squat, barbell chest press, deadlift with semi-rigid legs and rowing at 45 degrees.

From left to right and from top to bottom: chest press, squat, rowing at 45 degrees and deadlift with semi-rigid legs.

Accessory exercises: lateral elevations of shoulders, curl of biceps and extensions or dips of triceps (I change according to the day). And an abdominal exercise, although it is not mandatory because having trained with free weight we have worked throughout the session.

From left to right and from top to bottom: bicep curls, dips or triceps bottoms and lateral shoulder lifts.

In 45 minutes It is more than finished if there is luck and you do not have to wait in any exercise. Do not forget to warm up with mobility exercises before and then stretch all muscle groups. In my Instagram you have videos of some of the exercises, and this week I will finish uploading the missing ones.

What do I do on rest days?

Although with a good strength routine and a hypocaloric diet cardio is not essential (or necessary) to lose weight and shape the body, I know that there are people who do not do cardio and sweat to tutiplén do not stay calm. It's like a placebo effect or something. You can also put cardio to maintain good cardiovascular health, and that's it.

Can you do cardio at a moderate pace on rest days, that is, the day after training with the force circuit. Between 40 and 45 minutes on the treadmill, on the elliptical or on the bike at a moderate pace (that you get tired but not strenuous; on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 7) you can serve as an active rest or even as Recovery.

Another option for active rest days would be introduce a soft and playful activity: that you like and that is not very demanding so that the muscles can recover. Zumba, aerolatino, step, aerobics, a soft Body Combat, etc.

Or you can enter a body-mind activity like Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance: they also work on muscle strength, but in a very different way to work with free weight. In addition, the flexibility work will be great to stretch and not stay like a block of stone, especially the first few days.

He Weekend, which had been free of gym, you can do it to do something fun but that also involves moving: go jogging with your partner, take a game of volleyball with your friends, go swimming, etc.

Without diet there is no paradise

And with diet I mean a balanced diet and, in case you want to lose weight, hypocaloric: Eat fewer calories than you spend. If you do not eat a healthy diet with all the nutrients and calories you need, it is very difficult for you to get results.

Make sure your diet is based on vegetables, vegetables, legumes and fruits, and accompany them with complex (integral) carbohydrates. Proteins should form between 25-30% of the total daily calories you eat, and you should choose quality sources: lean meat, chicken, turkey, blue fish (contains Omega 3 and 6), also vegetable protein ...

You don't need to be martyred, you can follow the 80-20 rule: That 80% of your meals come from healthy foods, and the remaining 20% ​​from foods or products that are not included in the diet. In this way you avoid the anxiety that a very restrictive diet can produce, avoid guilt and possible bingeing because you know you have that 20% chance.

The key to coughing this is to be very constant and be patient: the changes do not happen overnight, but if you commit, they will arrive.

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