Conquered Healthy and delicious: the Sha Tea Collection line arrives at your home to take care of you

I like everything that has to do with it tea: its history, ritual, benefits and the definitive fact of drink it. I consume their varieties, I am passionate about infusions and try to know everything about them. I accept that this passion will begin with my personal relationship with England, but its continuity has been growing over the years, disconnected from any external influence. Just be value and enjoy their properties, effects, and the pleasure which means tasting a cup of tea.

I understand people who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle and make an infusion the best substitute to any pointless whim. Tea "leisure" or "candy", as I call some delicious mixes, they are the best company at any time of the day; they distract the appetite, transport fragrances and exquisite flavors and offer innumerable extra benefits. I tell you all this, motivated by the enormous illusion that has made me discover the new line of Medicinal Teas of Sha Wellenes Clinic, formulated by the prestigious sommelier Kasia Vermarie, and those who no longer know whether to qualify as irresistible or essential. One of those findings that I wish to share because of its enormous usefulness and because I know you will like it.

A few days ago I had the privilege of attending the Sha loft, on Serrano 120 street in Madrid, where the nutrition expert Sha, Yolanda Andres presented the complete line, a variety of 7 types of infusions I could taste. Each of the compositions condenses the therapeutic properties from different plants, algae, roots and cereals and has specific purposes.

During the meeting, we attended a group of bloggers specialized in beauty and well-being, Yolanda He explained practically everything about Teas sha, and its multiple Benefits for the organism A very fun and didactic date in which I also learned stories and peculiarities of the components of the line that until that moment I did not know, or small very beneficial food tricks, such as the option of replacing sugar with rice syrup, something that together with the Sha's teas I have already incorporated into my diet with excellent results.

Extraordinary properties

The medicinal teas and infusions of this line are composed with natural ingredients with the power to generate multiple benefits to the organism. After trying them I can rate them as delicious and indispensable for one Healthy nutrition, and essential when it comes to reaching any of my objectives.

Formulas balanced and energetic that contain a very careful ingredient selection With medicinal properties. Are you wondering how they can help you? You just have to remember that the nutrition of Sha, recognized with more than 30 international awards, is inspired by millenary principles coinciding with the food recommendations of the World Health Organization To trust your criteria.

He Sha stresses that its composition brings wealth in antioxidants, power of some to collaborate with lose weight, lower sugar levels in blood, improve circulation blood, prevent cancer, and others to improve the process digestive. All have a high content in fluoride, calcium, magnesium and vitamins. Do you know that a cup of some types of tea brings more calcium to the body that a glass of milk? One point to keep in mind: some do not contain theine, so it makes them suitable for all types of people.

The line is divided into 2 categories, Sha Tea Collection composed of 4 teas with specific purposes Y Sha Tea Collection Signature Line, 3 infusions "caprice", to accompany leisure, as I define them, full of incredible properties thanks to its components, flavors delicious To have a good time. Ideal for making a healthy replacedn when you feel appetite or anxiety. I explain how each one can help you.

Sha Tea Collection

  • Detox Sha, although it is indicated for any moment of the day, it is an ideal tea to complement the breakfast, as a substitute for coffee. Its properties contribute to the detoxification and purification of the body. He Sha He also attributes the power of decrease the levels of blood sugar. Its ingredients are Japanese green tea, cinnamon root, thistle leaves, dandelion coffee and barley flakes.

  • Digestion Sha It is a delicious combination of roiboos and purple sea lettuce, nuanced by the sweet taste of cinnamon, licorice root, agar anise, arame and nori. Properties are attributed anti-inflammatory, stimulates the digestive system, helps eliminate gas and heaviness of stomach.

  • Energy Sha It is fresh, stimulating, toning and very restorative. Great to contribute vitality and a good road to him rejuvenation Thanks to Kukicha, mint ginger and sage.

  • Relax sha It is indicated to take before bedtime, or when peace is simply needed because its formula is aimed at calm the nervous system thanks to citronella, lime, dried apple, chamomile, passionflower and valerian.

Sha Tea Collection Signature Line

  • Bancha & Quinoa It is a delicious mix to drink at any time of the day. Is rich in minerales and is indicated to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. It is also a good digestive Thanks to the mix of roasted Japanese green tea and quinoa grains.

  • Honeybush & Carrot is considered as a candy for those who adore the sweet, since its formula based on honeybush cyclopia, carrot and black sesame seeds makes it ideal for those who want to avoid sweetening tea, thanks to its sweet taste natural. Is rich in minerals and antioxidants.

  • Kukicha & Rice It is ideal for mornings because it helps to start the day with Energy. It has a mild flavor and has power like toning and restorative. It is also rich in minerals and has diuretic properties. It is composed of a mixture of Japanese kukicha tea and rice flakes.

How can you imagine all these properties They are a incentive more when taking infusions. Millennial faculties that, now, thanks to the constant search for Sha for improving the quality of life, mix to create rich drinks in flavor and benefits. The two categories are presented in boxes with individual bags or loose, in bulk, and prices vary depending on the variety and presentation between 20.00 and 24.00 euros.

El Sha at home

If you wonder where to buy them, I give you good news; Sha Wellness Clinic opened a few weeks ago his Online store,, a page worth knowing, although it has the "danger" of hooking. A dream for lovers of healthy lifestyle, in which to find a selection of products from the brands of Health & Beauty more effective and natural formulated with the common purpose of fostering Healthy habits for a change positive and substantial of those who incorporate them into our lives.

Among my findings, Food, cosmetics, supplements, books or the extraordinary products Sha, among which I highlight his last 2 novelties, Sha detox Y Sha Probio, destined, the first to favor the elimination of toxic elements of the organism, and the second to prevent possible gastrointestinal problems.

The page it's amazing for its offer different, very intuitive and very fast shipping. I know that in the short time that it has been working it has caused a lot of curiosity and a great acceptance, because it is not a secret that the food and healthy life It is one of the booming interests for many people, including myself. Maybe after reading all this, someone joins this stream in search of wellness and the quality of life, and it is also possible that someone already wants to try one of the infusions of Sha Tea Collection. I already have them at home.

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