'Knowmads': the future of work happens to be this.

Knowmad. Let's keep that word, because everything indicates that we will listen to it a lot in the future. Moreover, it seems that word, that knowmads They are, in fact, the future. But, what is a knowmad? What characterizes them? And above all, What can we do to become one of them?

The origin of the knowmads

The word knowmad it comes from joining the concepts'know' (know, know) and 'nomad' (nomadic). Hence, to knowmads, also be called nomads of knowledge.

I think that nobody escapes us anymore the working world has changed radically in recent decades. The great revolution has obviously arrived from the internet, social networks, the world 2.0. Mark Zuckerberg Y Bill gates they bet that in 2020 the whole planet is already connected, and that is why that date is predicted as the moment of explosion of knowmads.

What characterizes a knowmad

The concept of knowmad kill the worker image that we have known so far. A knowmad will not carry out his work in a fixed place and with some concrete tasksbut the virtual world will make the collaboration among professionals, the relocation and the innovation characterize a new way of working.

John Moravec, the father of the term, has established a "skills passport" that characterize the knowmads, In collaboration with Christopher Cobo. Start by establishing that membership in this group is not limited to one determined age: although most of knowmads they are placed on the fork between 27 and 35 years, any professional is liable to become knowmad.

The knowmads They are creative, innovators Y motivated. They are intuitive in his ability to produce ideas and predict his success. And above all, they are collaborative: use positively the synergies with other professionals from different geographical contexts. They value the social construction of knowledge Y share the information freely and openly.

The use of technology largely defines knowmads: believe in the connection through networks of ideas and they are early adopters technological. That is, they know the latest innovations in digital tools and study their applications at their work reality.

To continuous ability to learn unite the (equally important) of unlearn. Reformulate ideas, experience steadily and they don't fear failure or at least they know how to deal with it and its consequences in a positive way.

Knowmads and the future of work

"By 2020, we project that 45% of us will be a nomad of knowledge, making this professional profile the largest segment of the workforce." Rachel Rock

Rachel Rock, author of Knowmads: the workers of the future, a series of questions to which knowmads can answer: How will the predominance of millennials influence the labor market ?, and the emergence of emerging countries ?. But there is one question which prevails over the others: In 20 years, approximately half of current jobs will be replaced by machines or software.

And, in a Laboral future dominated, in part, by machines, what answer can give the knowmads? The maximum is clear: knowledge is almost the only thing that cannot be replaced by machines. And so, a knowledge professional will become a nomadic that will take your unique skills to concrete projects in which they can be applied. The ability to integrate and the change tolerance, will be, therefore, keys to the success of a knowmad.

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