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Mango's bathroom collection is packed with classic and timeless bikinis

If you like them simple and classic bikinis, the bathroom collection you are looking for is that of Mango. We recover the timeless models that do not fail: striped bikini, those that have tropical prints, those of zigzag, and those that are dyed in colors that favor the beach. You can choose between triangle bikini, kind bandeau to tan your shoulders without marks or draped to give volume in the chest area.

So even if you incorporate the most striking bikini models such as those with fringes or frills in your summer closet, you can also choose a simpler one to alternate them. The simplest designs They are the most comfortable ones that make you feel to swim and sunbathe without fear of strange tanning marks.

The Mango bathroom collection for this summer 2016 skip the trends that are so complicated to tan yourself and bathe in the sea without worries: nothing crochet bikinis or asymmetrical straps that are very cute, but when you are back and forth in the towel, you They can be uncomfortable.

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