Stop the presses that Kim Kardashian says goodbye to contouring

This is a novelty almost capitalized. I never thought I would hear (or read, as has been the case) this news, but it is clear that there are never ceasing to surprise.

So yes Kim Kardashian can be considered the driver of contouring, now we can say that it will also be the driving its downfall as you have recently stated ...

Now I think more about non-touring, based on real skin with less makeup. I am trying to take less and my husband loves to see me without him, but I would take him 24 hours 7 days a week if I could

There you have it, he said so Kim Kardashian in an interview she gave to Charlotte Tilbury herself, famous makeup artist and with own line of products.

But of course, it is also normal to turn your back on contouring, considering that supposed to invest an average of 3 hours and 40 products, 50 gestures and 1500 euros to make up. Now, he has commented that when he travels he does it with a small case with your favorite products, Among them is an eyelash curler, a nude lipstick mini lipstick (the one that Charlotte Tilbury made for her), an eyelash mask also from Charlotte, Joe Blasco's makeup base, a MAC Kabuki brush, the golden pencil from its Kardashian Beauty line, powder, blush and a Smashbox bronzer. Come on, the basics and nothing else.

So, right now Kim has declared herself very much in favor of strobing, using only bronzer. Of course, the same contouring leaves it for the nose since ...

I love doing it in the nose. I know that everyone thinks I had a rhinoplasty but I didn't really do it: it's all contouring

The nontouring technique is much more natural, and consists more in applying a one very light makeup base or a cream with color, type BB Cream or similar, and apply light highlighter only on the cheekbone bone, on the nose and also on the eyebrow. Come, simple, without complications and, facing the summer, the most recommended avoiding the most loaded makeup.

Undoubtedly, the choice that best suits our skin and we are glad that it was also welcomed by Kim.

Will it be the ultimate end of contouring? That is the point.

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