Seven libraries we would love to take with our children (now that the holidays begin)

Summer vacations are almost here. Days and more days than fill with activities, sports and games if we do not want the little ones to climb the walls of the house. And I wish we had close to our libraries like the ones we taught you. Surely the days went by very fast ...

1.- East Hampton Library

The children's section of this library is the perfect place to browse the most classic books, stories and stories. And is that the maritime environment, with its carpets that recreate waves and seagulls, fully invites you to undertake that long, long journey that involves dive into a good book.

2.- Raja Tun Uda Library

A magical hiding place designed to take refuge on hot days or when bad weather makes it impossible to be outdoors. But above all it is paradise for those who dream of magical forests full of elves and fairies. With a real tree and artificial grass, so that nothing prevents you from lying down and turning the pages for hours.

3.- Brentwood Library

Entering the children's section of this library is like going through a magical portal and appear in a truly enchanted forest. Each visitor is greeted by a talking owl (with a motion sensor and fully mechanized) that invites you to discover the secrets that the library hides inside and go through all the shelves, which are also covered with artificial vegetation. Be very careful because it is said that this mysterious forest library is often visited by slightly peculiar characters.

4.- Laramie County Library

It seems incredible that a library offers so many opportunities to the little ones and not so small ones! From the possibility of drive a bibliobus to play in a giant chess or have a drink in the cool cafe they have. And they close the plant often for exclusive activities only for teenagers.

5.- ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center

Much more than a conventional library, ImaginOn also has a theater with capacity for 250 people, a laboratory, drama classes, story time and anything that can be used to hook up books, no matter if you are two years old or sixteen.

6.- Camarillo Public Library

More magical worlds to visit. The public library of Camarillo is so incredible that pare the scenery of a Tim Burton movie And just as magical.

7.- The library of Soneva Kiri Resort.

You can rarely read suspended in the air in a beautiful wooden cage and in such an artistic scenario, that it invites you so much to daydream.

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