H&M wants to break the rules of what a Lady is. And we love it!

The new autumn and winter campaign of H&M comes to much more than selling clothes, it comes to breaking stereotypes. In her, the terms female, feminine or appropriate take on new meaning. Topics about a girl's behavior and appearance have become obsolete and outdated, or at least that's what H&M thinks. It is necessary to reissue them and for this there is their last campaign.

We are in the 21st century and many things have changed. The society calls for equal shouting and fashion is responding to the call. It is no longer only against machismo, but against all the pre-established canons for women. Karl Lagerfeld in his 2015 spring parade, Beth Ditto or & Other Stories are just some of the brands and designers who have climbed into the car of female empowerment. The last to sign up has been H&M with your campaign What It Means To Be Ladylike.

According to the dictionary, a lady is "that polite and decent woman, young and idle." For H&M this is a somewhat outdated and outdated conception that clashes completely with the strong and independent woman of today's society. This is where this new campaign comes into play that seeks, in its own words, to redefine that young lady as a independent, free, bright, fun and different girl.

With this premise, the company low cost International has surrounded itself with the best imaginable cast to convey the idea. 70's model Lauren Hutton, Adwoa Aboah, transgender actress Hari Nef or the creative director of Design Army. Curvy, thin, muscular women of different sexualities, ages and races.

The idea conveyed by the Swedish giant is that "it is not education, customs or forms that make you feminine. In the same way they do not make you masculine." With this campaign H&M breaks all boundaries between genders and behaviors assigned to each of them. For this they have created the hashtag #ladylike, with which they ask us to tell them what it means for us to be a lady.

The message reaches us loud and clear: women come in many shapes, sizes, colors and ages. There are no restrictions, or at least that is what H&M wants us to believe. its motto is that whoever is a woman or considers herself as such is, by definition, a woman. With this simple idea, this campaign redefines the term femininity to accommodate all and to represent the new feminine ideal.

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