Trump-Clinton debate: 13 (unfounded) arguments that have already been used to attack Hillary for being a woman

Hillary Clinton doesn't have to like us. In fact, the latest polls say that Hillary doesn't like 56% of her countrymen. Of course they don't like Donald Trump too much, according to the same data. Tonight, the two candidates face each other in a televised debate from which a record audience is expected. It can be a decisive moment in the electoral race. If Hillary is reinforced, we can be close to seeing a woman become president of the most powerful nation in the world. A milestone in the fight for equality? Yes, it would be, but the opposite has also been the signs of sexism that he has suffered during the campaign. Because, we repeat, Hillary doesn't have to like it, but it doesn't seem very typical of the 21st century to be attacked for being a woman.

The letter of being a woman

The mother of all battles. The quintessential sexist argument of this election campaign. Hillary Clinton is only a candidate for being a woman, to cover a kind of imaginary quota. It was his political rival who opened the spigot of an argument often repeated by the detractors of the Democratic candidate:

"If Hillary Clinton were a man, I doubt she got even 5% of the votes". He said it in April of this year.

A "spoiler" of her husband's infidelities

Donald Trump has varied in the campaign between accusing Bill Clinton of being unfaithful to Hillary or, more radically, of abusing several women during his time at the White House. But in May of this year he moved the focus towards Hillary, accusing her of spoiling those infidelities or abuses. Specifically, he said that it had been "an incredibly disgusting and mean pamper". Thus, without insulting or anything.

And the threat of taking one of those lovers to the presidential debate

One of the most embarrassing moments of this campaign was the Trump's proposal to put Gennifer Flowers, an alleged exacerbation of Bill Clinton, in the front row of the debate Today, followed by her acceptance, showing her support for the Republican candidate.

If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 24, 2016

Hi Donald You know I'm in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!…

- Gennifer Flowers (@gennflowers) September 24, 2016

'Bitch', the most repeated insult by Hillary's detractors

That 'slut' is the favorite insult of Trump's followers to refer to Hillary is sad. That the media echoes constantly is serious. And the thing has not started now. These examples are taken from Hillary's previous campaign to become a Democratic candidate, in the years 2007-2008:

  • The conservative columnist and member of the National Ted Nugent Rifle Association called her worthless bitch ("useless slut").

  • ABC announcer Glenn Beck preferred to change the adjective. Do not bitch, the other. I call her sterotypical bitch ("stereotyped fox").

Charming #RNCinCLE

- Patrick Caldwell (@patcaldwell) July 18, 2016

  • Mike Allen, journalist of Politician defended those who use the term, wondering "What Republican voter has not thought about it?".

  • Neil Cavuto, Fox's journalist, wondered if trying to escape his image bitchy I would not be getting the opposite effect.

  • Alex Castellanos, a CNN political commentator, said, about the controversy with the term, that "Some women are called that and ... it's quite accurate.".

  • Other journalists did not dare to say the word with all the letters. Marc Rudov of Fox News said about her that "she is called the word with B because it acts like a ".

  • And the analyst of Politician Roger Simon began a column with the phrase: "The one that rhymes with 'rich' has returned".

A woman should not scream

Hillary's way of speaking in her public speeches has been another battlefield in which Trump has wanted to enter. In April, he declared the following: "I haven't recovered yet from his way of screaming. And I know that many people will think that I shouldn't say this because women don't scream, of course. But the way he shouted his message ... I'm afraid I'll have to get used to it in the next few months".

In May, affected the message, saying that "I couldn't stand the sound of Hillary's screams". Several media have even published studies on why Hillary's voice turns out so irritating.

The shameful shirts of Hillary sucks

In the different republican conventions and speeches of Donald Trump throughout the country has appeared merchandising for every taste. Well, for all tastes, no. Only for bad taste. Like this shirt, which plays with the double meaning of the word suck ("stink" or "suck"). The message says: "Hillary stinks, but not like Monica. "

These Trump supporter videos
Supporter: "America respects woman"
His shirt: "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica" #DonaldShmuck

- gurjotDhillon (@TheGurjot) September 25, 2016

Is Hillary lesbian?

That seems to ask many political commentators and Republican voters. Actually, the rumors about the sexuality of the Democratic candidate have been a constant coming and going for years. From referring to her as the possible "first lesbian president of history" to revealing a list of her supposed lovers in the past, the issue seems to never end.

Hillary is a woman. Therefore, she must be beautiful.

The relevance of women's physical appearance to other qualities It is something we are sadly accustomed to (remember the controversies of sports journalism). But we did not imagine that they reached an electoral race.

"All senators see a president in the mirror when they shave in the morning. Will it happen to Hillary Clinton too? Will she shave? I guess the legs". Glenn Beck, CNN.

"Will Americans want to see a woman grow old before their eyes day by day?". Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Radio Network.

These are being sold at the GOP sunshine summit

- Joe Perticone (@JoePerticone) November 13, 2015

In this sheet, seen in one of Trump's speeches, you can read: "KFC Hillary Special: two fat thighs, two small breasts and a left wing".

Ok, well, maybe I don't have to be pretty. But then it is masculine.

That is a accusation that many women who hold positions of power have suffered. Hillary has not been an exception and has had to listen to things like "she has to prove that she is a woman" (Peggy Noonan, in the Wall Street Journal) or that he was "the most masculine candidate in the 2008 campaign" (Maureen Dowd, in the New York Times).

Comparisons with fictional characters

Hillary has been compared to many famous female fictional characters. Y not especially positive. From Nurse Ratched from Some one flies over the cuco's nidus Lady Macbeth, going through the character of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

Apparently, the testicular issue is of great importance in the campaign

There comes a time when it is difficult to discern if some of Trump's support they are more offensive to men or women. In this sheet, you can read "Finally someone with balls".

But what size though #gopconvention

- Elizabeth Plank (@feministabulous) July 18, 2016

Because a woman has an obligation to satisfy her husband. Sure.

One of the hottest moments of the campaign (and, once again, the height of bad taste) came in April last year, when Trump retweeted an incredibly sexist message from one of his followers, in which he literally said that , If Hillary Clinton was not able to satisfy her husband, how could she satisfy America? Trump hastened to delete the tweet from his timeline, but he had already been captured, of course.

And the constant harassment in social networks

We have already seen it in some of the previous tweets. A study of Vocativ analyzed more than 25,000 tweets aimed at the Democratic candidate and found that three of the most used words were the one already mentioned bitch, which takes the palm, next to cunt ("pussy") and slut ("bitch"). And the insult is not enough, you also have to take it to the field of sexualization.

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