We discovered the key to the success of Pull & Bear: how in a few weeks a trend passes from the street to the shops

We have already told you that last Thursday we visited the new Pull & Bear facilities in Narón (A Coruña) and attended, in the first row, the great Pull & Bear House party. The brand team opened the doors of its production center wide and we knew some of its keys to success. Good and We also met the new collection, which will be in stores in a couple of weeks. We present everything: directly from the heart of Pull & Bear for Jared.

How will the next collection be

Before going into details about how a collection is produced, we are going to talk about what we saw when we visited the dummy area, located in the hall of the new headquarters, in which they are exposed the clothes that will arrive at the stores in a couple of weeks. Two design managers of the brand have explained in detail the characteristics of what is to come. We reveal all the secrets:

  • Collection Glam Rock: a lot of leather effect, metallic applications, embroidery, garments oversize, boots and military boots.
  • Collection The Red Effect: red color in quilts, hooded garments, combined with long sailor coats and trench.
  • Collection Night: velvet, embroidery, pajama style and many transparencies.
  • Collection Teen: with satin, velvet and tulle garments. Neutral colors, easy. A more romantic and feminine line.

A bit of brand history

To begin to understand the operation of the firm, we will go back a bit in time. Pull & Bear was born in 1991, as one of the first brands of an Inditex empire that, until then, was monopolized by Zara. Originally, it was a brand aimed only at men, especially a type of classic guy. Little by little he transformed his style, allowing himself to be influenced by urban sports (skate, snow, surf) to become one of the fashion references low cost casual male.

In 1996, the women's clothing line was incorporated. Nowadays, the feminine collection has already surpassed the masculine one in number of products. In a couple of years, the difference is expected to be 60-40 in favor of the women's line. In total, each year Pull & Bear produces 5,000 new garments (and approximately as much are discarded at some stage of the production process).

Pull & Bear flagship in Berlin

Today, the brand has 950 stores spread throughout most of the world (although, at the moment, they are not present in North America). Their flagships more representative they are London (Oxford Stret), Milan (Galleries Vittoria Emanuele), Berlin (Tauentzienstraße), A Coruña (Marineda) and Barcelona (Portal de l'Àngel). They receive some exclusive garments, the most risky, to make them visible as a brand image.

How to know what triumphs

A simple look at the central room of the Pull & Bear facilities makes it clear to us how much importance is given to the sales control. Several screens, located throughout the open room, report real-time sales by country.

Twice a week, stores receive new products. Therefore, at the Pull & Bear plant there is no longer talk about spring-summer and fall-winter collections, but the collection is a constant throughout the year, in permanent renovation. In fact, we always work with three campaigns, simultaneously: with the one that is already in stores, reacting to its reception by the client; with which you are working at that time; and with which it will be coming, beginning to contribute ideas.

He feedback Received in stores is critical to explain the success of Pull & Bear. The day after a product arrives at them, in Narón the results of the reception it has received are received. That's when the reasons for the success or failure of the garment are thoroughly studied. Creativity must always be in operation. That a product succeeds is good news, but it is not a guideline to follow. That is, the model of what has succeeded is not going to be copied because that would be, precisely, not very innovative.

His philosophy: the street style is the inspiration

The key to the inspiration in the Pull & Bear collection is in the street style. In this case, the gateway is a secondary influence. What matters is to detect, before anyone else, the trends that begin to appear in the streets of the cities that set the pattern of fashion, especially, as the design managers tell us, those of the Northern Europe and London. And of course with an eye always on Instagram and Pinterest.

In addition to the general trend, Pull & Bear is responsible for specific products by geographical areas, which analyze which trends succeed less in certain places, in addition to, obviously, what climatic characteristics make more or less salable one or the other products in each zone.

How it is produced in Pull & Bear

One of the things that Jesús Echevarría, communication director of Pull & Bear, told us in the talk he gave to the press on the occasion of the inauguration was that they did not agree with the denomination fast fashion Of the brand. Yes, garments take a short time to reach stores from the moment a trend is detected, but the whole process behind production is slow and thorough.

Each garment of Pull & Bear It has a very short production. That is why the most coveted products are easily sold out. And its manufacture is not repeated. That would clash with the idea of ​​constant innovation.

There are two types of production: proximity and distant. In proximity (Spain, Portugal and Morocco) the most important garments of the collection are produced, the ones that run the fastest and the ones that have the most relevance street style in which the collection is inspired. In distant manufacturing centers, especially in Asia, basic products are produced and, in general, continuity products in which the speed with which they reach stores is not so important.

exist two logistic platforms of the brand in Spain: that of Narón's own headquarters (45,000 square meters) and that of Cabanillas, Guadalajara (130,000 square meters). Through them, the products are distributed worldwide.

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