The 17 most terrifying movies for Halloween night

Approaches The night of the Living DeadHalloween It is just around the corner and many plans try to conquer us to spend the best day of the year in the best way. There are some who will want to dress up, others who will prefer to go güateque, and others who will choose to ride a horror movie session at home. If you are one of the latter, it will be good to have on hand this list of 17 scary movies.

The glow

We start the list with a classic that should never be missing. The Shining is one of those films that have everything in their right measure and always amazes you with unique scenes.

The forest of suicides

This is a supernatural thriller from the end of 2015 that takes place in the legendary Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Sara (Natalie Dormer) is a young American who looks for her twin sister, mysteriously disappeared. Despite all the warnings of "Stay on the path", Sara goes into the forest determined to discover the truth about her sister's destiny.

The Conjuring 2

Also known as Warren File 2. One of the films that have given me the most fears throughout my life - we will be frank. You must see the Warren file beforehand (aka The Conjouring). Yes, it gives a lot fear me just by watching the trailer ...


There is no Halloween without Carrie. Be it the 1976 or 2013 version with Chloë Moretz, the prom will be dressed in red ... Blood.


Moving in new house, child and spirits. Here is the perfect combination to make a terrifying movie. Insidious was released in 2010, but that is not why it looks outdated or has stopped frightening us. The best… ? They leave with the final open to continue with more parts.


Porcelain dolls are already a bit creepy, but after watching this movie you will not want to have one near (word). This movie does not need any introduction, just by watching the trailer we know that we will have a good terror.

Never turn off the light

Released this summer 2016, who has not ever feared the dark? Rebecca's little brother experiences the same chilling events that almost made her lose her sanity. A creature that only appears when the shadows reign threatens their safety and persecutes them at all hours.

Alien, the eighth passenger

Alien is another classic for horror night. There are no creatures more disgusting and terrifying than those shown in the film. Tension, fear and suspense is what you will find in any of his films.

The fourth phase

Milla Jovovich plays this movie based on real events. To start when you know that a plot has happened in real life acquires a more dramatic, and this film leaves us with a bad body from the first contact. The real images give an even more terrifying touch to the matter ...


It is a horror movie classic that should not miss a night like Halloween. As the years go by, Poltergeist (1982) is still scary as the first day. Last year there was a remake -in case you prefer-.

The child

In early 2016 it was released The boy (The boy), and his plot is basic: a family that treats a doll like a son and leaves him alone with a nanny. This, thinking that men are crazy, goes from the rules they give ... Yes, again a porcelain doll is again terrifying.

The Ring

It's a classic that should never be missing, The ring still scary even after more than 14 years of its premiere. Samara is very creepy and always will be ...

The seed of the devil

The classics never die and persist despite technological advances. And when the plot is good ... There is nothing else to do. The seed of the devil will bring all the terror necessary to spend a perfect Halloween.

The orphanage

Juan Antonio Bayona is one of the most reputable directors of our country and among his films we find The Orphanage, perfect title for the most terrifying night of the year.

The Exorcist

There is no Halloween night without The Exorcist, it is a fact. Whichever version you choose, the bad body will remain installed in the body. Do you dare to see her alone? With only his first musical notes, one is already uneasy.


Already the OUIJA game is very scary and respectful, but after watching this movie to see who is daring to experiment with the beyond ...

Nightmare in Elm street

One, two, Freddy is coming for you. Three, four, close the door. Five, six, take a crucifix. Seven, eight, stay awake. Nine, ten, you'll never sleep again ... Freddy Krueger, should we say anything else?

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