Will Katie Holmes wear long jeans coats for this spring? We think that absolutely

Although good weather resists, and much, we can not forget that at any time the temperature will rise and spring days will reach all our cities. We have to be warned and with the necessary clothes in the closet and seeing this look of Katie Holmes through the streets of NY reminded us that the fabric denim It is ideal for halftime and that this garment is not seen at all, but it can become a trend that clings to all stores and let's see a lot in the streets.

The long coats They have been an absolute trend in the autumn-winter season. From the warmest, classic and expensive celebrities that have looked like Melania Trump or Jennifer Lopez signed by Max Mara to the most relaxed and economical of Zara, Mango or any store low cost. In this case, a denim coat can solve the spring temperatures following fashion and leaving behind the jackets that have been used so many years ago. They are achieved relaxed looks like Katie Holmes's, combined with stone tones, but also sophisticated and different.

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