Red carpet

Gala MET 2019: Naomi Campbell becomes the center of attention with her total pink look

The MET Gala 2019 has left us with epic looks, others of amazing (and unbearable) and other beautiful proposals that did not continue with the aesthetic that was required -the so-called Camp-. Naomi Campbell has seen a spectacular, striking, crazy and beautiful look (all at once) signed by Valentino. That has succeeded thanks to the pink color: feathers and lace have accompanied the top model of the 90s, demonstrating that when she arrives at a place the world stops momentarily.

Lace and feathers, excess in the form of elegance

Although excess fashion is not always accepted, it is sometimes a good idea. Tonight the Gala called for madness and Naomi has managed to mix elegance with extravagance in a unique style. Formed by a pair of lace stockings and a pleated dress, the back of the design was accompanied by a cloak of feathers in the form of a layer with a tail.