Bridal accessories 2019: the details that your bridal look needs

Bridal accessories have become fundamental pieces of a look bridal. The headdresses, flower wreaths, headbands, hats and even handbags, are trendy. Pearl, raffia or jewel style designs become the most sought after models.

On such a special day you have to take care of the details, so according to your style, these are the bridal accessories 2019 fundamental to show off a striking, sophisticated and pure trend styling.

Bridal accessories 2019: flower headdresses

The flower headdresses They are a complicated choice because everything depends on the hairstyle. If you want to bet on a striking headdress, the tiaras of striking flowers are the bets of the moment. Designs of many flowers or petals in dusty tones (or flashy if you are more daring), sometimes combined with feathers or with metallic details. Very romantic pieces perfect for a look simple or boho

  • Mibúh green and silver flower headdress 355 euros
  • Mibúh silver flower headdress 445 euros
  • Headdress of natural silk flowers and Mibúh velvet 69.95 euros

Bridal accessories 2019: kokoshnik headpieces the most daring

The headdress has become one of the fundamental pieces that is reinvented every day and that surprises us with new shapes, silhouettes and details. The last thing that is sweeping headdresses are the inspirational designs kokoshnik. Models of Russian origin, whose origin dates back to the eleventh century, and that simulate decorative arches based on Russian buildings, as well as traditional female creations of Russian folklore. It's the best in bridal accessories 2019!

  • Verbena feather headdress 490 euros
  • Verbena beanie headdress 520 euros
  • Verbena pearl and white flower headdress 450 euros

Bridal accessories 2019: flower crowns for the most romantic

The flower crown They are romantic and delicate. Brides are increasingly looking for a touch of color in their mane, so the handmade pieces made with cold porcelain paste in dry and natural tones, and silk petals are perfect to accompany the bridal styling.

  • Half crown of pink and white flowers of Beatriz Natmar
  • Pink wreath of flowers by Beatriz Natmar 500 euros approx
  • Wreath of white flowers by Beatriz Natmar 500 euros approx
  • Félix de Martín wildflower wreath 180 euros approx

Bridal accessories 2019: fashion headbands

The headbands are in fashion and they are one of the star bridal accessories of 2019. If you choose a more ornate dress the sober and plain models are an ideal complement. There are somewhat more striking proposals with rhinestones, feathers or braided with details of insects in gold, another of the star trends in terms of accessories, perfect to wear with the most sober dresses.

  • Pink feather headband with details of Mibúh rhinestones 350 euros
  • Double bicolor Mimoki headband 410 euros
  • White double lace headband by Mimoki 410 euros
  • Mimoki rhinestone headband 410 euros
  • Braided headband with wasp detail by Martina Dorta 350 euros
  • Metallic headband by Martina Dorta 450 euros

Bridal accessories 2019: and even bridal bags

The clutch bridal They are becoming an essential accessory for every bride. The best ally to keep the most personal belongings on that day. It does not fit any bag, it has to be a special piece, so in these cases, the white color and dusty tones with striking details are undoubtedly the trend of fashion accessories 2019, which you can then take advantage of by wearing them on special occasions, for looks at night or guest.

  • White and gold clutch with Mibúh ant ornament 245 euros
  • White clutch with details of gold corals set by Mibúh 299 euros
  • Cloth of overlapping flowers in white fabric by Mibúh 299 euros

Bridal accessories 2019: daring pamelas

Current brides dare with everything. Lume Pamela on your wedding day It is another of the fashions of the moment in terms of bridal accessories 2019, a risky option yes, but very sophisticated if you want to forget the classic veil. In addition then you can reuse it to look of tomorrow's guest.

  • Pamela bicolor in black and white from Mimoki 420 euros
  • Pamela with blue velvet bow from Mibúh 89.95 euros
  • Maxi pamela with black bow by Félix de Martín 340 approx

Bridal accessories 2019: fans or paipai

In the weddings held in summer you can not miss an essential look Bridal: the fan or paipai. A beautiful and elegant accessory perfect to combat the hottest moments.

  • Mipah Lace Paipai 149 euros
  • Paipai of flowers of Mibúh 145 euros
  • White lace fan from El Corte Inglés 54.95 euros

Bridal accessories 2019: Forks

The forks are sweeping. For the most discreet brides it has become an ideal accessory to wear interwoven in the loose mane or to decorate a collection.

  • Beatriz Natmar porcelain flower forks 190 euros
  • Amazon fork 8.66 euros

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