We tried Italian Resort, the global anti-aging line of Acqua di Parma

A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet and try with the director of the Acqua di Parma spas, Federica Belvilacqua, Italian Resort, the complete global anti-aging facial line made of 10 products belonging to the collection Blue mediterranean of the firm. Care aimed at providing Energy and one regeneration deep skin After testing their formulas, I can define it as an effective union between the purity of the more natural elements and the sophistication of cosmetic science under the premise of offering a great sensory experience. I explain why.

During the facial treatment I enjoyed, I was able to test some of the properties for which the firm has joined Mediterranean science and nature. It was an extraordinary experience not only because of sensations, delicacy, aromas and textures, also for him immediate result I could check. I can tell you that it has been one of the very few times that I have left a beautiful cabin treatment, despite having my face washed and hair full of cream. He lifting effect which was the massage and the quality that reached my skin, were extraordinary; something that makes me wonder: if this is so in a session,as will be the effect of some products that in principle are designed for an effect to means, medium Y long term?


Before trying it, the first thing that distinguishes Italian Resort It is his image. The range is packaged in pure, clean and simple blue glass jars; characteristic neatness of Acqua di Parma, which makes its studied simplicity the greatest exponent of luxury. A very pure luxury, which this time is dressed in bright navy blue transparencies, characteristics of sea water. In this way it moves away from the conventionally feminine to enter the purity of what elementary, signature symbol.

Power charge

As I told you, the result of my experience is that after a night in which I had slept very little, one of those days when you banished the possibility of having a good face, I finished the treatment with a splendid, rejuvenated face, a spectacular lifting effect, maximum hydration, and the best, a state of complete relaxation, which is undoubtedly due to aromas and textures It offers the entire line. A load of Energy similar to what I feel after a few hours of true rest.

The exclusive complex Mediterranean Re-Activating Complex, is the anti-aging key present in all formulas, an elixir of natural origin extracted from the Mediterranean vegetation, this time aimed at the skin reaching the Energy necessary to maintain a good state of firmness and smoothness. The reasoning referred to by the firm to resort to this compound is very simple: botanical species born between the many adverse weather conditions of Italian Mediterranean they have developed exceptional resources to survive and flourish expressing the energy of the regeneration. Why not apply these resources to the skin? Thus, after more than 15 years of research, Acqua di Parma has also managed to include the regenerating power of Sicilian Maritime Pine, which stands out for being one of the longest and most robust Mediterranean botanical species. Its bark, rich in active ingredients, has the ability to regenerate even more strongly and freshly after suffering damage.

Mediterranean Re-Activating Complex it is for all its characteristics, its nature, vegetation, harmony, sensory and therapeutic potential, a component linked to the philosophy and soul of Acqua di Parma and his alliance with him Italian Mediterranean. An asset that in relation to the skin, the firm explains, develops 3 actions in synergy: antioxidant action to neutralize free radicals and prevent their formation and negative effects, increase in cellular energy cutaneous and restoration of cutaneous cellular energy.


Exfoliate, clean, purify, moisturize, treat and protect are the established purposes for each type of skin, at any age and in all seasons. The facial line It is presented as a global anti-aging through these specific steps and 10:

  • Exfoliate and clean Through the Face and Eye Cleansing Oil and the Mousse facial cleanser,two soft textures to deep clean the skin and leave it elastic and luminous. The oil is enriched with marine mineral elements. As a complement, the Illuminating Facial Scrub It is a creamy, delicate and moisturizing emulsion enriched with volcanic pumice granules. I tried the oil and the scrub, both give a feeling of extreme softness and a very result comfortable. If you are one of those you fear, like me, the oils in contact with the eyes, you can be calm, I have very sensitive eyes and it is completely innocuous.

  • Treatment Preparation: between the cleaning phase and the treatment phase, Italian Resort proposes two innovative products for the well-being of the skin. Purifying Facial Tonic of sebum-regulating action thanks to the rose hip extract and the Moisturizing Facial Lotion Emollient and nutritious action, enriched with fig extract. The 2 provide a very soft note and refreshing of aroma delicious.

  • Treatment: The heart of the beauty routine is composed of three sensory formulas. Aimed to be very effective through intense revitalizing action to leave the skin bright Y reduce the signs from age they are an experience for the senses for their lightness, delicacy, freshness and aromas. He Revitalizing Facial Serum contains double concentration of Mediterranean Re-Activating Complex, the Revitalizing Face Cream It is also enriched with lotus flower extract, and the Revitalizing Eye Contour With silk tree extract.

  • Protection through UV Face Protection SPF 50 PA +++, a cream that I did not get to try but that is designed to prevent the signs of aging and protect from environmental stress and UVA and UVB rays.

  • Intensive treatment, with which the line reinforces its care by means of Renewal Facial Mask, enriched with extract of Achilea, to apply twice a week to stimulate cell renewal and enhance anti-aging action.

The range also has a body line, designed to revitalize and give the skin a look toned, smooth and bright by 3 formulas: Smoothing Body Scrub, Regenerating body cream of rapid absorption and Body Toning Oil.

My experience

I rate my discovery as that of a line for those who seek efficiency, purity and sophistication as to how to understand the wellness. For those who value that "plus" that converts a watch out in a extraordinary experience through textures and fragrances. Those who know the importance of stop time and space to enjoy and make good feelings come to the fore.

You have Italian Resort in the spaces of The English Court of Castellana and Serrano. And if you ask yourself about prices, I anticipate that they do not stand out in relation to other high-end cosmetic products. They oscillate on a scale that ranges from the most economical product, Illuminating Face Scrub 75ml, which costs 39 euros, to the highest of the Renewal Facial Mask in 50ml, 110 euros. Now, another thing would be to enjoy these treatments in either Blu Mediterraneo SPA that Acqua di Parma offers: the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda of Porto Cervo and the Gritti Palace of Venice. Wouldn't it be a dream to surrender to your facilities?

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