Neither Obama nor Charlize Theron, the most inspiring person in the world is an ordinary woman

Every year Ooom makes a ranking with the one hundred most inspiring people in the world and there are many personalities that appear in that list, a selection of famous men and women for its merits, its art, etc.

But this year the surprise has been that the number one position, ahead of Obama, the Dalai Lama, Malala or Mark ZuckerbergIt has been achieved by a woman whose name you may have never heard: her name is Anja Ringgren Lovén, she is Danish and she left everything and sold all her possessions to set up the NGO African Children's Aid Education and Development Foundation, and in this way help all those young children who are abandoned by their relatives because they think they are haunted.

The world knew the existence of Anja thanks to this photo that went viral last February. In it he gave water to drink, while in his hand he held a package of Digestive biscuits, to a little boy of just two years called Hope whom his parents abandoned because they thought he was haunted.

The image is not only truly overwhelming, it was decisive for many organizations and governments to realize of the grave danger that some children in Nigeria suffer because their parents still believe in witchcraft and other types of superstitions.

How many of these children are abandoned, almost from babies, and are in serious danger. Anja welcomed Hope into her NGO and decided that she would do anything to get him ahead, so that she would survive, as tells. A job I was already doing with other children, welcoming them and taking care of them in the absence of another home. His full dedication and his titanic work to get all these children forward are more than enough reason for Anja to have achieved the first position in this list of people who inspire, well ahead of well-known faces and who daily social networks And the media.

Anja Ringgren Lovén is delighted with her first position, although on her Facebook wall ensures that she does not deserve it alone but the whole team who works daily with the NGO and who put all their effort into getting children like Hope forward.

Without a doubt, both she and her entire team, they are the greatest of inspirations. And seeing images of little Hope months later is the best proof of how much we need more people like Anja to exist.

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