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Everything you need to know before the premiere of the third season of The Paper House on Netflix

There is less left for the premiere of the third season of The paper house. He Friday, July 19 We will see the Professor again, Rio, Nairobi, Denver and Tokyo. Why deny it, we have taken a lot of love to these characters and we want to see what happens after the great blow they gave. This is all you need to know.

The goal changes

As you can see in the third season trailer, It's no longer about docking the National Mint and Doorbell Factory.

Now the band has another mission: to free Rio that has been kidnapped while enjoying a tropical paradise with Tokyo. This time it is not for the money. This time it is for the family The Professor affirms.

New characters

Some characters are already confirmed, such as Najwa Nimri in the role of the new inspector Alicia Sierra, whose mission is to capture the group, in addition to Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogotá), Rodrigo de la Serna (El Ingeniero) and Fernando Cayo (Tamayo).

In this video that Netflix has posted on his Instagram The Professor welcomed the new additions to the band. Some characters have gone from being hostages or police officers to being a full member of the group and being able to wear their own resistance mask.

There will be surprises? But the rumors have been unleashed when the actor and model Jon Kortajarena hung a small video dressed in the characteristic uniform of the band. Will it be a new member? We will know soon.

Berlin reappearance

We saw it in the teaser, and the trailer has confirmed it. One of the most hated characters returns, Berlin. We thought he was dead after the end of the second season, but no.

To know what happened and find out if he has redeemed himself as a villain, we will only have to watch the third season of La Casa de Papel.

Worldwide success

We do not reveal anything that the return of the Paper House is due to its great worldwide success. Netflix revealed last year that it was the most watched non-English series on the platform.

So fans were looking forward to the story continuing and it seems they have found a good turn for the band to meet again.

More budget

If it already seemed like a spectacular series, the great success now makes the series handle more budget, which will be noticed in the locations (Thailand, Florence, ...) and in the action scenes.

Executive producer Jesus Colmenar He said that "the budget is going to be bigger than the first and the second part, it will be very expensive and difficult to do."

The poster of the third season of La Casa de Papel

And to finish opening your mouth and start the countdown until the premiere date, we bring the poster in which you can see how the band is now.

Video: Money Heist: Part 3. Official Trailer. Netflix (January 2020).