With what look we combine a red dress ?: Queen Letizia gives us all the keys

If you usually read me you will know that the looks that Queen Letizia chooses to attend the official events I usually like quite a bit because they combine sobriety, elegance and a very subtle youthful point that feels great. I couldn't stop commenting on this one in particular because it gives us clues about the best choices when it comes to putting on makeup when we wear a red dress.

Obviously the canvas on which to work is important and the better the skin is worked, the result will be much more professional. If we choose a bright touch (in this case on the lips), it is better to wear the matte skin to create a balanced set.

There are no definitive rules about whether or not we should make up our eyes a lot if we wear red lips. In this case the queen chose neutral tones and false eyelashes to frame the look, very successful option, especially considering that in this case a very intense smoked can add some more years.

Being a party look, we can afford to wear lips as striking as these. Its bright finish and intense tone gives all the prominence to the mouth (That is why it is better to choose bars that do not transfer ...).

Special mention deserves your hairstyle, a loose mane with soft and classic waves that brings sophistication and elegance. I have not seen the queen with loose hair in an event like this (lately she opts for braids with braids), and it has been the 'surprise' touch of the look.

The keys of the look

When I talk about matte bases, one of the ones that first comes to mind because of the good results it has always given me is the Eclat Matissime de Givenchy, a light background that does not dry the skin despite its finish and that offers very good durability ... a great option if you also have sensitive skin (like me).

For the lips I have not had to doubt much and I propose two options: the first is the tone 'Sancho' of the Vice Lipstick of Urban Decay, a metallic finish bar that offers a lot of creaminess and excellent durability. It is the one I would choose if I wanted an iridescent but subtle finish.

In case you want more brightness, Urban Decay also has the 'Vice Special Effects', new top coats that give a much more metallic effect to the lips and also promise to increase the duration of the lipstick.

Did you like the queen's look?

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