These are the seven hairstyles and hairstyles that we will see everywhere next fall 2019, according to experts

The return of the holidays requires a change of look at the height. If you don't want to go through the scissors and are happy with your hair color, you don't need to do anything radical. You can always try new hairstyles to go to the office or go out at night. You don't know what to do in your hair? These professionals tell us what they are trends for fall 2019 in hairstyles and hairstyles so that you choose which one best fits your style.

The low ponytail invades everything

This low pick is a trend that we have already seen on red carpets and catwalks around the world. Expert hairdresser Diana Daureo states that this year "returns renewed, with a secret to be much more elegant. It is about always hide the rubber, surrounding her with a lock of hair. "

Polished hairs yes, but with waves

We have spent the first half of 2019 watching as our celebrities favorites bet on smooth and effective hair glass Very polished and bright. According to the Maison Eduardo Sánchez, this look It will continue to triumph in the fall, helping us with serums and styling creams. The big news is "that provide texture and awaken a slight undulation", returning to shiny, silky and wavy hair.

The side stripe will raise any styling

It doesn't matter if you have loose or collected hair. Or if it is smooth, wavy or curly. Whatever your style, hair specialist Diana Daureo says for sure that "the stripe next door returns this fall 2019 to create mature and sophisticated looks"Our recommendation is to bet on polishing the hair a lot, marking the line well and betting on the effect wet.

Keep your natural texture: the easiest hairstyle of the season

Redken specialists know well what they are talking about hair trends. Because they are responsible for each of the looks Capillaries that we see in the 080 Catwalk in Barcelona. Therefore, if they say that "in the hairdresser there is a global change and they are looking for more organic results, promoting natural texture of hair ", we believe them.

Beware that curves come: the curls arty will frame the face

For the most creative, tricky and daring comes this leading trend, inspired by African-American culture and the most flamenco look. They have taken it celebrities the likes of Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner or Rosalia. It is not suitable for shy, but it brings a lot of character and personality. This is stated by Diana Daureo, who recommends fixing it with the help of fixing gel, water and a toothbrush to shape the tufts.

The tilted fork puts the dot naïve

XL forks and pins have become the biggest obsession of the season. The celebrities and the street style They look them in a thousand ways and ways. But nevertheless, the most marked tendency is to take them aside in a way preppy. It doesn't matter if you have the line in the middle or to the side, because these accessories will always be carried only to one side.

Long live horsetail, but in format bubble

If the low ponytail has not convinced you and you want to keep wearing it high, this trend in hairstyles is for you. Because right now ponytails are transformed futuristically into pigtails bubble, full of shapes and much more original. Not even Queen Letizia has been able to resist // / beauty / the-queen-letizia-conquers-us-with-her-ponytail-bubble. And this autumn that comes we will see them everywhere.

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