The smile is a plus: if you want to show some impact teeth this summer, you're on time

I have always taken care of my teeth. I am convinced that a beautiful smile It is the best business card. If you regularly read my post, you will remember the procedure of teeth whitening that I underwent a few months ago. One of the best and most grateful treatments of beauty how many I have carried out as a result and because I am clear that a careful mouth enhances the harmony of the face to the fullest.

In summer we are many hours under natural light, the most revealing there is, its effect strongly accentuates all defects. These days, under the sun, we smile and laugh, maybe more than at any other time of the year, but attention: everything is at discovered. I am clear that the effect of the smile I see in the mirror is not the same as I show on the outside. You can do the test: look at your teeth with inner light and then do it under sunlight. If the effect disappoints you, do not worry, substantially improving it is possible with just one very simple guidelines and very nice ...

Teeth, teeth ...

  • He brushed You must be aware, this statement may seem strange to you, but from experience I know that many times we carry it out mechanically. To do it effectively, it must be a thorough action and do it after each meal. If on vacation you find it more difficult to comply with this protocol you can always use the classic gum or what I do, bite an apple.

  • We should not forget to pass the floss. If we regularly observe the teeth we would realize that brushing is often not enough. It is essential to pass it gently, following the natural curves of the gums, both in the visible teeth such as the molars and "hiding places". The result is worth it, both for esthetic as per oral hygiene.

  • Don't be alarmed by the stains that you can see in your teeth because most of them are easily removed with a simple consultation cleaning; one of those that we should practice at least once a year.

  • As for a beautiful tone on the teeth, as in everything, there are tricks for highlight the good. Do you know that there are lipstick colors that boost at maximum level its white color? Red is one of them. Others, on the other hand, may cause or accentuate one more tone yellowishIf you want to run away from this effect, avoid the orange colors on your lips.

  • If you have brought a whitening In recent months, this may be one of the best times to apply a fleeting reminder.

In the variety is the spice

  • When traveling, do not forget to choose a brush with a cover to maintain hygiene in the best possible way. In addition, today we have them, practically, a specific model for each need Y sensitivity: soft, medium, hard, and heads of different sizes and shapes. There are so many brushes, aesthetics and colors, all so different and beautiful that they have become a whim more than beauty.

  • As for the toothpastes, you have to take advantage of the variety that exists, to choose the most convenient to each need and enjoy its almost, almost "personalized" effect. Do I remember you some? Blaquedoras, for sensitive gums, fluoridated, anticaries ..., not to mention flavors!

  • It is very convenient to clean the language, every night, individually, either by brushing, if it is soft, or using a tongue cleaner that is sold in a pharmacy.

  • Rinse off with a mouthwash Once a day, it is essential to sanitize, disinfect or, if appropriate, treat any of those sores that are so common in summer. Some "wild", others "delicious", the less not so good, you have to know distinguish those who are mere prepared for rinse of those others destined to treat the sores or ulcers. The reason is that some of the latter may carry in their formula some component that with their continued use can minimally darken the natural color of tooth enamel. Do not worry, because if necessary, this effect is easily eliminated with a consultation cleaning. Only yes you have to know what is the product we are using.

My care keys

In addition to all of the above, I have always tried to follow healthy guidelines for fedn, I avoid biting hard objects, I have caution with red wine, drinks like tea or coffee or food with dyes because I know that I can avoid a early deterioration or a change in tone.

Take care of my teeth It is one of the most routine healthy, visible and flattering What can I do for me? I know that the constancy It is essential because I keep in mind that without continuity, the effects achieved are quickly lost. Along the way, I use very nice, fresh and tempting products.

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