Bella Hadid changes her look: Rachel's Friends style returns with this flattering bob so flattering

Bella Hadid is well known for changing look continuously, always temporarily. And we always believe it! She was platinum blonde, became permanent and even tested the bangs. But this time, yes: top model He has cut his hair. He had been with his precious months lob, that now he has put the scissors and turned him into a bob ninety worthy of Rachel in Friends.

The 20 year old model he has changed his half mane for a short layered, the perfect option for when you bob It begins to grow and loses its shape. A haircut above the jaw that reminds a lot of what we called in the 90s "the Rachel"That is, the haircut that Jennifer Aniston made fashionable in the first season of Friends.

In this video we can see his new bob weathered in action, and we love it. Not only does it remind us of the nineties and the fashion of the layers (which is back), but that Has strong reminiscences of her mother's hairstyle, Don't you think?

In Jared | Bella Hadid blonde or Bella Hadid with bangs? The model shows us different versions of itself.