We give you the keys so that this summer you see the stars like a professional

We have an ideal month ahead to enjoy our celestial heritage in all its glory.

With the rain of Perseidas about to become one of the most spectacular events of the summer, we have the advice of Juan Antonio Ruiz-Henestrosa, president of the Astronomical Group Portuense (GAP) and director of a Walk through the stars, a didactic activity organized by the Hotel Barceló Montecastillo Golf & Sport Resort. This professional will give us the keys To enjoy and observe the stars like a real professional.

1.- Binoculars, telescopes, etc. they are not mandatory

“This is a subject for which it is not necessary to have prior knowledge,” explains the president of the GAP. Although he also warns that once learned the operation of the elements of a telescope you can take advantage of it, combined with the use of binoculars, to observe nebulas and other celestial objects.

2.- If it is a star, it blinks. If it's a planet, no

A planet emits direct and clear light, while the stars flash. According to this expert, the reason is due to the distance between them: the planets are closer and, for that reason, the atmosphere filter is smaller. The stars, however, are far and that filter causes a "zigzag" effect In the light they radiate.

3.- Yes, to support apps

There are apps like Sky Map or Star Map (also available for iPhone) that can be a good support to better observe the sky, identify what we see, etc. Its operation is very simple and similar to a camera. That is, it allows you to focus on things that do not distinguish very well in the sky, in the same way that we focus when taking a photo, so that the application identifies it and explains what we are seeing.

4.- Avoid light pollution

The further away from the city and the closer to nature, the better. We can observe the stars in more detail, but also immerse ourselves in the environment. Ideally, look for an area that show off night sky quality. What happens is that many times these areas are very isolated and it is not always easy to find hotels in the vicinity (we already did a previous investigation on the subject and in this article we tell you which areas are better to observe the sky and what hotels are nearby ). For example, the Hotel Barceló Montecastillo Golf & Sports Resort is located in a “core rich in stars” and to take advantage of that privileged location they have decided to organize activities as a Walk through the stars.

5.- Don't ask for the moon

If the moon does not appear, better than better. According to Juan Antonio Fernández Ruiz-Henestrosa, the infallible recipe is to contemplate the stars “during a closed night, without a moon, to avoid the reflection of this and observe the deep sky. ” Although it is presented, the president of the GAP states that "it is also fascinating to observe the moon and its craters in all its phases."

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