Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

Today many of us have returned to the routine and of course that includes telling you what our discoveries of this week have been. Today we bring you a beautiful collection that has left me with a good taste, in addition to a contest that invites us to walk through some of the most beautiful places in Madrid. By last an anti-wrinkle product to take into account, We hope you like them!

A spot

We have just met the new Violeta by Mango spor and the truth is that it has left me with a good taste in the mouth although I do not see some models that really are plus size (this line is supposed to be dedicated to large sizes) . In spite of that we continue advancing in the subject... will we ever get to that point where we don't have to differentiate some sizes and others and we all have access to the same designs? I want to think so.

A contest

'Market Images' It is the first contest on the Madrid Municipal Markets and its objective promote these emblematic spaces of our city... you just need to visit some (s) and capture with your camera or your mobile phone its commercial, social and cultural uniqueness. Don't you think it's a good plan to discover them. Here you can expand all the information

A trend

If you are one of those who have so far resisted frills, you are going to have it complicated one more season. Yes, this fall the collections are full of them and also in all kinds of garments. The good part is that if you did with some garment before, you will end up fully amortizing (the dress is from Uterqüe).

A place

Today I bring you good news for lovers of returning classics: it is the Café Comercial, an emblematic site of Madrid that has reopened its doors after 2 years closed. With new owners, new letter (now much more complete because you can go to lunch or dinner), and a renewed look, this site promises to become the silent witness of thousands of stories again.

A product

Eucerin is a brand that I trust for the good results it has given me and this summer has not been the exception, since I have chosen the Sun Fluid Antiage as my header protector. It is very light, does not leave white skin and also has a very interesting formula. Highly recommended (especially for those with dry skin).

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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