Heidi Klum has done it again: being the queen of Halloween with an amazing costume

Every Halloween there is a celebrity which is overcome with his costume, and that is none other than the Heidi Klum model. With a party called "Heidi Klum Halloween", which once paraded for the best signatures (and became an icon for Victoria's Secret) has emulated over the years an older lady, a fly, a robot and even an amazing butterfly. His costume for this 2017 it was the most anticipated and has not let anyone down: Michael Jackson in the process of werewolf During his video clip Thriller has been his inspiration.

From the video clip to reality

Michael Jackson's Thriller video went around the world and became one of the most mythical songs of the pop king. For almost 14 minutes the spectators were hooked on this terrifying mini-movie where Michael goes from being a normal boy to becoming a crazy man and a zombie.

It has been the part of the werewolf the divine inspiration of Heidi that came with an arsenal of cool zombies to place all the guests.

Don't lose detail

We know that it is Heidi Klum because she introduced herself as such, but if we take a look at her costume closely we will see that there is no trace of the identity of the blonde. Hands, face and torso dressed in thick, gray and wrinkled skin, while her long hair was changed to a thick white and black wig.

Video: Heidi Klum Finally Reveals This Years Costume, Proves Shes The Queen Of Halloween Once More (December 2019).