Vegan, handmade and sustainable: this is Lush's new line of makeup brushes

After the makeup products with which Lush we were surprised recently, it was expected that he would be encouraged to launch your own line of makeup brushes And so it has been: a new range within #LushMakeup, high quality and promising to achieve a perfect result.

Many brushes are mass produced, created and assembled by industrial machinery. Lush has chosen to work with an established family company which performs premium brushes using traditional techniques.

Each brush has been designed by Lush's makeup artistMegan Edwards and her makeup and design teams, in close collaboration with the manufacturer. According to the brand, special care has been taken in the shape and curvature of each of the tips of the brushes, made by expert hands.

“We have thoroughly tested different forms and types of synthetic fiber until we have achieved the perfect collection. We are sure that the range offers professional results. They are simple to use and have a luxurious finish. ” - Meg Edwards, Lush Head Makeup Artist.

These high quality brushes They are created from recyclable and biodegradable aluminum, sustainable wood with a cellulose-based lacquer and a vegan glue to bond the fibers.

“The entire new Lush makeup collection has been thoroughly designed from the start and these brushes are no exception. We have worked on selecting the best vegan materials for a luxurious finish and are made to last. Together with Lush's reusable lipstick, it represents the future for Lush in terms of packaging and makeup tools. ” -Kayley Thomas, Lush Head Makeup.

Makeup brushes can be purchased individually or in a set, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Biggest fan

It is a fan brush that illuminates, contours and tans. Its wide and flat shape, made of synthetic fibers, makes it possible to intensify the coverage of the makeup and precisely extend the cream products and powders. Its price is of 30 euros.

Glow to town

It is a perfect brush to apply highlighter in cream or powder. The rounded shape and the small size of its synthetic fibers allow to apply the products with precision and blur smoothly, so it works great to contour or give the last touches. Its price is of 18 euros.

Wing it

It is a beveled brush to make a perfect eyeliner, since its synthetic and soft fibers allow to apply the eyeliner in gel, liquid or powder in a simple and precise way. Its price is of 12 euros.

Blur in love

It is an ideal pencil brush to soften and blur the eyeliner. The conical shape of its tip and its synthetic fibers help control every detail so that the finish is impeccable. Its price is of 18 euros.

Cheek To Cheek

This handmade blush brush is perfect for adding warmth to the cheeks. Its synthetic fibers and rounded shape allow to apply blusher, bronzer or translucent powders easily and evenly. Its price is of 30 euros.

Hey big blender

Apply shadow, highlight the arch of the eyebrow or contour the jaw line ... this vegan and handmade brush is very versatile, but its specialty is soft blur. Its synthetic fibers and rounded edges promise a perfect finish.

Get In There

This small handmade eyeliner is perfect for making fine and well-defined strokes and for diffusing the eyeliner gently, thanks to its compact and short synthetic fibers. Its price is of 10 euros.

People Powder

This handmade powder brush is perfect to fix the makeup or to apply some highlights on the face. Its synthetic fibers and rounded shape facilitate the application of translucent powders and bronzer. Its price is of 35 euros.


It is a lip brush in travel format. Its synthetic fibers, compact and with rounded edges make it easy to paint lips or touch up. The best thing is that you can place the lid on the back to make its use more comfortable and put it back when you finish to protect the fibers. Its price is of 18 euros.

Fresh faced

This flat and handmade brush is perfect for applying cream products. Its synthetic fibers are soft and dense, allowing to achieve the perfect finish. It is ideal for extending the makeup base, liquid or powder, or using a fresh mask. Its price is of 20 euros.

To the point

It is a brush to apply the concealer easily thanks to its compact shape and soft fibers help to gently deposit the product on the skin. Its price is of 15 euros.


It is a brush to profile the eyebrows, give them shapes and get a natural look. The beveled shape of its synthetic fibers helps to define and texture the eyebrows with precision. You can also use this double pointed brush to profile the eyelids and comb eyebrows and eyelashes. Its price is of 18 euros.

It's a wrap

It is an organic cotton blanket, made by Re-wrap (a social company that manufactures organic cotton artisan textiles in the hope of having a positive impact on people and the environment), designed to store and transport this collection of makeup brushes. Its price is of 19 euros.

Roll with it

This marvel consists of 13 vegan makeup brushes wrapped in an organic cotton blanket, made by Re-wrap. Its price is of 275 euros.

What do you think about this collection? Would you do with any of these brushes?