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Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo join Gucci in his fight to eliminate animal hair from our styling

The use of animal products in fashion design is a controversy that has been on the table for years. From the position of Stella McCartney, who has long since removed them from her collections, to PETA's protests, the association for an ethical deal with animals that claims firms to follow the same path, it seems that the fashion world is on its way to innovate in new solutions that do not involve the use of animal hair In the designs. At least, that seems, considering the last names that have joined the commitment not to use them: nothing less than Gucci and Michael Kors, including the latter Jimmy Choo, after the recent acquisition of the brand.

PETA protest in Los Angeles against the use of animal skins, which was attended by several actresses, including Mena Suvari

At least that's what PETA has said, after meeting with John Idol, the CEO of Michael Kors last Friday. After years manifesting in the parades and before the stores of the brand, the organization has managed to reach an agreement with them, which will be made public in the coming days, but of which the details are already known. It will be in December 2018 when the animal's hair disappears completely from the firm's collections, in what "marks a new chapter, as our company continues to evolve in its use of innovative materials," as Idol said. Already in February we can see, at the New York Fashion Week, the first samples of these new materials.

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