Natalie Portman surprises us with a vindictive rap on Saturday Night Live (because feminism can also be fun)

A whopping 12 years ago Natalie Portman starred in one of the most prominent numbers we remember on Saturday Night Live, where he completely dismembered and played a rap in which laughed at herself.

Now he returns to the same program and leaves us speechless again with another transgressive interpretation (and super super fun) where there is also room for feminist demands and for talk about the Time's Up movement.

If in the first rap, Natalie brought out her dark side and surprised us about "smoking weed" at Harvard (it was during her university days) and her love "for drinking, fighting and for foll ... all night", This new, more mature version is even more explicit. And it made us laugh a lot more. From a hallucinogenic vision in which she appears dressed as Queen Amidala, through references to Black Swan, Thor or the recreation of a birth, it has certainly surprised us Their sense of humor. So much that we can't stop watching the video.

In addition, Natalie Portman has been one of the women of the Hollywood industry who more has seconded the Time's Up movement. Always prepared to defend real equality and end the wage gap or harassment and has not cut into saying what he thinks even in the middle of an awards ceremony such as the Golden Globes.

And even in this fun rap he didn't want that important part of its facet. When the music ends and the host Beck Bennet asks Natalie Portman about what impact she expects the Time's Up pins to have, the actress stands up and sticks one in her forehead with the answer: "What do you think of this impact? No more questions".

Photo | Gtres

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