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After a day like yesterday, in which many women go out in the name of equality, you will forgive me for changing the script that I usually follow in our 'Essentials of the Week' section because it will be a little more vindictive than usual. Today I show you the feminine t-shirt more cool I've found (and no, it's not that of any 'big' brand), in addition to a flat in which the protagonists are women. By last, the image that everyone talks about (and never better). I hope you like them!

An image

It is one of the images of yesterday's demonstration, and although the magic and energy felt in that place is impossible to describe in words, I think it is vital that this be seen throughout the world. Each one came out for a different reason (In my case because I owe it to women I have met and to whom machismo has touched them too closely), but I can only say one thing: if we were so many, it is for something. Let it be a reason for reflection ... that will already be a triumph.

A collection

Although it is not feminist, it does claim another problem that grows at a fast pace, and is the extinction of many animal species. This is a collection created by Lacoste in collaboration with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which includes 1775 poles (which is the number of live specimens around the world) and whose logo has been changed by animals in question. Each of the garments has a price of 150 euros and all proceeds will go to the conservation of these species.

A plan

'They Believe' it is an initiative created by the Institute for Women and for Equal Opportunities and the Conde Duque Cultural Center, with the collaboration of more than thirty institutions that are based in Madrid (such as the National Library of Spain and national museums), in which the talent of women is shown and where they are protagonists of more than a hundred activities.

Cinema, literature, poetry, music, dance, theater, exhibitions, museums, debates... will have the presence of consolidated artists and emerging figures, hallmarks of this cultural festival, pioneer in claiming the presence of women in the world of culture. It will take place during the months of March and April and you can see all the programming on their website.

A garment

The t-shirts with feminist messages They are more fashionable than ever, although personally I think they should be an excuse to promote some initiative more than to increase the benefits of the big brands. This 'Bonito lo Justo' is a good example: it is made of organic cotton, supports sustainable trade and is marketed through Awesome Community, an e-commerce of artists that supports young entrepreneurs.

A product

I couldn't stop mentioning in this post March On, the lipstick created by Elizabeth Arden and signed by Reese Whiterspoon, which roughly symbolizes the power of women (although behind it has an inspiring story. The tone is Red Door Red, the most famous of the brand, and all proceeds through its sale will be donated to UN Women. Its price is 25 euros.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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