The filming of "Ocean's 8" was an example of sorority and 'body positive' (and Anne Hathaway is very grateful for that)

Ocean's 8 promises to be one of the most anticipated films of this 2018. In the era of female empowerment, the blockbuster brings us to one of our favorite faces on the screen, in addition to allowing us to enjoy the presence of all of them in large red carpet events, like the one we could see this week. Some of Hollywood's most glittering stars share the spotlight on the film ... and also sorority. Why not even be one celebrity rid some women of insecurities on their body, but the support of good friends can be a good method of empowerment. Word of Anne Hathaway.

This week, the actress has been on the Ellen DeGeneres show, explaining that the filming of Ocean's 8 He was the first in which he participated after the birth of his son Jonathan, in 2016. And we all know how much pressure the entertainment industry exerts on women who are mothers to "recover their figure" after giving birth. The actress has received many criticisms for her weight gain and, although she confesses that her experience in Hollywood has helped her withstand the pressure better, she also recognizes that she felt insecure with her body before filming began Ocean's 8.

And then, their companions arrived. As Hathaway acknowledges in this video, his arrival on the set was surrounded by compliments from his companions. First, it was Sandra Bullock who yelled at her "You look good, mom!". Next, Cate Blanchett praised her wardrobe with a "Nice jeans, Hathaway!". But the most expressive, without a doubt (and we are not surprised at all), was Rihanna:

He looked at me and shouted "Damn it, girl, what an ass!" And, of course, we laughed and I loved that moment. It was like ... "Really?" and she insisted "You have an ass like mine!" It made me feel great. I am very grateful to be surrounded by so much love and understanding.

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