The NYX Face Awards make makeup history with the first male winner: Victor is cool!

Last Tuesday we attended the Face Awards that NYX held in the center of Madrid. It was one of the most important festivals of the season, full of influencers, music and makeup glitter like the one that only NYX is able to achieve. Surprise, surprise! For the first time in history the winner was male. This is what Victor Aragon did to get first place, and we can tell you that it is an absolute past.

Víctor Aragón has marked a before and after in the Face awards, breaking conventions beauty to become the first male winner of this contest in Spain. His proposal (and that of all contestants) was focused on the universe of super heroes. But he knew to give a twist to the story, dazzling the jury and the public with his optimistic message: "there is no greater super hero than yourself."

In the video, the young Catalan It has been characterized as different heroes with makeup and body painting, remembering many figures of his childhood. However, as the story progresses, he washes himself and removes the remains of makeup until he becomes himself again. All without shaving and integrating his beard into recreations, with the complications that entails. Don't miss the wonder of video!

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