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The jeans are so versatile that it is even combined with luxury tops (and red carpet)

Achieve the perfect closet bottom It requires patience and dedication: there are many classic (and versatile) pieces that are part of it, although there is one that stands out above the others. The cowboy pant It has become a must for outfits from day to day and for several years the RRSS - and the fashionable girls - have shown us that these designs marry everything (even with the craziest combinations). Today we focus all our attention on a trend that has more and more followers: to give out to fancy and party tops combining them with this casual piece.

Delicate and romantic tops

It is possible that denim pants can be associated with sporty and casual looks where cotton t-shirts and sneakers are the best companions, but for a few years now, the fashion world has shown us at the stroke of savoir faire its versatility With tulle blouses, full-volume sleeves and a transparent fabric, these pants create a wonderful contrast to wear 24/7.

Red carpet looks (with tail included)

More than three years ago Kendall Jenner went to the red carpet of the Fashion for Relief with a cropped top Asymmetric black Haute Couture Alexandre Vauthier -with kilometer tail included- combined with jeans shorts, and since then this type of combination has become normal.

The fashion world allows us to shine our imagination, and the possibilities of creating looks contrasting styles, fabrics and colors are endless. Thus, this summer 2019 there are several fashion girls who choose to wear their favorite pair of jeans with a party top (and luxury), making the versions with tail are the favorite.

So much so that Camila Coelho marked a spectacular look with a white cotton shirt as a base to give contrast to a lace bustier with extra long sash during the Fashion Weeks.

And if you want to add an extra touch to the final look, do as Jessica Minkoff and combine a sequin-lined top in honor: everything is possible to dress our daily work.

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