Hara Hachi Bu, the traditional tendency to reduce calories (and live longer) following the Japanese model

There are many diets and trends that arise these days in order to reduce calories and make us feel healthier in every way. However, there are many times that we could take traditional techniques to achieve these results, so nothing like looking at societies like the japanese, which has the highest proportion of centenarians in the world, and where techniques such as Hara Hachi Bu We are talking about today.

Actually, this technique is a true mantra that comes from Okinawa, the Japanese island, where they pronounce it before ingesting and that consists of formula of "Eat until you are 80% full". It is a teaching of Confucius that is put into practice It translates into a self-imposed calorie reduction in the daily diet.

Specifically, The Okinawa Centenarian Study reveals the secret with the following words:

Okinawa's calorie control habit called hara hachi bu means eating only until you're 80% full of a diet rich in antioxidant plants. Stopping at 80% capacity is actually a very good strategy to avoid obesity without starving because the stomach stretch receptors take about 20 minutes to tell the body how full it really is. 20 minutes after stopping eating you will feel really full.

Those who practice Hara Hachi Bu in Japan are that part of the population that has a self-imposed caloric restriction habit, which in the end, translates into that precisely its adult population has the lower Body Mass Index (BMI) to those in other parts of the world, which makes them healthier, and even live longer.

In turn, it is translated that in Okinawa, as we have said, the cradle of this mantra, and following the same study that we have named you, There are 80% fewer heart attacks than in the United States. Also the percentages of cholesterol are lower, as are the cases of cancer, which are reduced between 50% and 80%. Even hip fractures are minor and dementia occurs in rare cases.

Similarly, the formula should be supplemented with the diet to follow what it means consume more fish, either raw, grilled or baked, and try reduce the intake of animal fats and sugars and replace them with plant-based foods since, it is necessary that Vegetables make up 50% of our plate. There is a need to ingest protein for more energy, adding nuts to recipes, as they help control appetite thanks to its high fiber content and provide Omega 3, protein, vitamin E and selenium, and, above all, chew 20 times and eat quickly. avoiding all distractions during mealtime.

Conclusion, that something as simple as Hara Hachi Bu can certainly be a before and after although managing to control that degree of 80% satisfaction will take some time to achieve, but still, it seems like a great idea.

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