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How much do the photos of the cinema icons cost

For exhibitions, auctions as like Drouot or Christie's press or for Personal and private use at home. How much do the photos of the cinema icons cost? An image of your favorite myth that you would like to have in your living room, what prices are we talking about? Some figures are cheap, however, depending on the photo, others reach thousands of euros. It all depends on the image itself, the photographer and his protagonist.

Millionaire Auctions

Last session before dying

Auctions become the most desired events for all those who want to get a special piece. In this case, we talk about unique photographs of cinema icons, whose price can reach surprising figures with many zeros. Auction houses like Drouot or Christie's they have hosted images of myths of the cinema that died young and that is why it is more complicated to find a snapshot of him.

Marilyn Monroe

Milton H. Greene

Marilyn Monroe (Los Angeles, June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962) has left us few photos but many of them iconic and of great value. His images are the most expensive. Joseph Jargur He photographed in 1946 a very young Marilyn Monroe, formerly known as Norma Jean Dougherty. These photos were auctioned next to the negatives and the property rights of the images in 2011, some of which were acquired for more than 18,000 euros.

Her most iconic image, in the fun 'fight' of her white dress made by Garry Winogrand It was sold for 5,227 euros in the auction held by Christie's in 2008, the largest auction of photos of the diva. In this same house an image taken shortly before his death was sold for 74,680 euros, an amazing figure.

Some of his sexiest photos were taken by Tom Kelly in a session for the first publication of Playboy in 1953, images that were sold for 11,600 euros. This first issue of PlayBoy is one of the most quoted magazines in the auction houses.

Milton H. Greene was another of the fashion photographers of celebrities American but his notoriety came when he began to make the portraits of actress Marilyn Monroe. The two became intimate. In an auction in Warsaw (Poland) held in 2012, more than 4,000 euros were paid in a snapshot in which he poses with a dancer dress.

Bert Stern It was another of the lucky ones who portrayed Marilyn Monroe. In fact, he was responsible for what is known as Last session of the actress she portrayed in the nude. Specifically, these images, made six weeks before the actress died at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles, were auctioned in 2016 with a starting price of 60,000 euros and sold for 120,000 euros to a collector.

One of his most expensive sessions were ten images that were made for Vogue in June 1962, which were sold in 2015 for a price that ranged between 7,500 and 11,300 euros.

Sharon tate

We change girl. The photos of Sharon tate (Dallas, January 24, 1943 - Los Angeles, August 9, 1969) are also highly valued. The actress, ex-wife of Roman Polanski, was a beauty icon in the 60s. She was only 26 when she died but her beauty mesmerized everyone. One of her best-known images is naked posing with her ex-husband Polanski, when she was eight months pregnant. The image taken in Los Angeles by photographer David Bailey in 1969 was auctioned in New York in 2009 for 7,624 euros at Christie's auction house.

Grace Kelly

Howell Conant He was a renowned American fashion photographer but is especially known for the snapshot portraits of Grace Kelly (Philadelphia, November 12, 1929 - Monte Carlo, September 14, 1982), first as an actress and then as a princess of Monaco. Two of the most valuable are those made in 1955 shortly before becoming a princess. In the 2009 auction "Icons: Photographic portraits of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries", which included the sale of images of several legendary characters, those of Grace were sold for a price between 3,500 euros.

Elvis presley

Elvis Presley (Tupelo, Mississippi, January 8, 1935 - Memphis, Tennessee, August 16, 1977) is one of the most profitable at auction houses. When we talk about your photographs too. A photo signed by Elvis currently costs around 5,000 euros.

James dean

The auction house Christie's also auctioned in 2008 a snapshot of James Dean by Roy Schatt, an image posing as a paparazzi that was sold between 8,000 and 12,000 dollars.

His most iconic image is that of a young James Dean walking in the rain by Times Square With a cigar in the mouth. The New York auction house Guernsey's auctioned in 2013 a variety of images whose price ranged from $ 60 to $ 10,000.

Photos in art galleries

One night with Marilyn Monroe. Mondo Gallery

Mondo Gallery It is an art gallery in Madrid focused on photography and design where exclusive exhibitions are held. In November 2016, the exhibition "A night with Marilyn" was exhibited, consisting of photographs that were exhibited for the first time in Spain, personally selected by the photographer Douglas Kirkland himself. Some pieces are still available and their price ranges from 2,500 euros to 10,000 euros, as explained by Diego Alonso, director of the gallery.

This space also features snapshots of Elvis Presley, some converted into a historical document. The sale price has ranged from 1,700 to 5,000 euros although there are prices with prices up to 10,000 euros maximum.

Special books

The photographer Alfred Wertheimer He followed Elvis Presley for a year, just before he rose to fame and took more than 3,000 photographs. Wertheimer gathered in the book Art Edition The best photographs he took of the great star between 1956 and 1958, half of them saw the light for the first time in this jewel of Taschen publishing house, specializing in art, architecture and design books. The price of this book is 1,750 euros, a collector's edition of only 125 copies. which comes with two photographs, "Kneeling at the Mosque" and "The Kiss", two of the most emblematic of that first period of Elvis, whose price ranged 1,000 pounds (1,800 euros).

Photographs to publish in the press and also at home

The images of these style icons to be published in the press, in special reports, also have special prices, but it all depends on the type of photo. We have talked to three of the most important photo agencies to know what the current price is if we want to get one. You will find many curiosities.

In Gtres the most special photos of these actors and actresses are considered premium, Some collector, so its price ranges from 900 euros. Normal images, depending on the size, cost around 60 euros, and if they are going to be used for a cover, the price rises between 250 euros and 400 euros.

Manuel Montero, Commercial Director of Gtres, He also tells us that the agency sells photos to individuals not only to the press, exclusively for private use, for example to frame it at home and decorate a space. However, it could not be used to hang in a work office, since it is a public space. As a curiosity, some photos that the agency houses for a price of 100 euros, the photographers themselves sell them in Arco for 3,000 euros.

In Cordon Press, the Production Manager Javier Martínez, he tells us that in the case of a normal file for publication in a media outlet, the price of the photograph could range around 120 euros if its use is inside the publication and 300/600 euros if it is a cover. "In the case of the inns you have to ask for authorizations and the prices already go up a lot, depending on the session, the photographer and the publicist of the character. Each photo, in this case is a world, and the prices can go to thousands of euros ".

The agency also sells snapshots to individuals: "but always for personal use and decoration of your home ... and in these cases always signing a document in which you agree not to give any other use than the one specified and not to share the photo in any way possible ".

From the agency Getty Images, One of the leaders worldwide, they tell us that the price of their photos does not depend on the character but on the fate of it. An image can have for example a public average price of 475 euros for all licenses (sometimes the licenses are only for 15 years) but that price is adjusted depending on several factors: if that image goes to a magazine cover where it can reach the 800 euros, to a public or private exhibition, to a museum ...

The collection to which the image belongs, there are more than 400 collections in the historical archives of the agency, it is also a factor to consider. And of course, the property is always of the photographer, other handicap (the fundamental one) to determine if the price is more expensive or cheaper. Absolutely everything is customized.

Unlike the previous two agencies, Getty does not directly sell photographs to individuals, but it has two platforms that do take care of it. On the one hand, Istock that does not calculate the license and therefore once purchased the photo can be done with it whatever you want. On the other hand, Photos Com that has a file of 110 million photos that does not calculate the license.

Another of the agency's subsidiaries is Getty Gallery, based in London. They have their own archives and also sell photos to individuals, even on silver plates, with certificates of up to 200 years.

Precisely Getty made in 2012 a exhibition of Marilyn Monroe during the Seminci of Valladolid, a sample created from a selection of the best images from Getty Images Gallery, with the aim of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the actress's death. Images made by world-class photographers of Slim Aarons, Michael Ochs, Ernst Haas, Gene Lester and many others from the Hulton collection of Getty Images (historical images from the early 19th century to the 1990s). The visitors were able to acquire copies with collector quality of all the images exposed to prices from the 81 euros in its smallest size up to 1,085 euros in the largest.

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