Adidas launches the first vegan Stan Smith (and designed by Stella McCartney)

Now that so many designers have committed to animal welfare and have renounced the use of skins in their creations, it should be remembered that there was a pioneer of luxury design cruelty-free. Since its inception, Stella McCartney became a champion of vegan creations, that is, they do not use animal products in their production. Now, it shows with a milestone in sports shoes: the design of the first vegan Adidas Stan Smith.

The British designer has reinterpreted the most classic Adidas model to adapt it to her animalistic principles. In these sneakers, leather has been replaced by recycled polyester and many details have been added to make them special. Stan Smith's iconic cartoon of the tongue remains in the left shoe, but on the right it has been replaced by an image of the same style as Stella herself.

Also the traditional three side stripes of the Adidas models vary here, being replaced by the stars which are brand image of Stella McCartney. Also the name of the designer will appear, in a circular design, on the heel of the shoes, on the garnet and blue stripes.

There are only four days left before the Stan Smith X Stella McCartney see the light. It will be Monday, September 10 and the only bad news is its price: will go on sale for 250 euros, the cost of having in our closet mythical shoes, vegan and designed by an icon of the design and the fight for animal rights.

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