The explosive combination of Cardi B and Reebok: an impact manicure and retro-style sneakers

Since 2018, Cardi B has been Reebok's image, and now returns to the load with a new spot that will give much to talk about. The new campaign of Reebok Nails with protagonist Cardi B It is a parody for those who wonder how someone can tie the shoelaces with such long nails.

A fake supplement for nail growth and the most retro Reebok sneakers They form an explosive combination in a spot that is worth seeing.

If the previous spot was focused on the 90s, this time it takes us to a hairdressing salon of the most kitsch.

As the Reebok motto states: Sport the Unexpected. The artist also defied expectations by becoming a woman and a self-made singer.

In addition, Cardi B incorporated the "nail art"As one of the hallmarks that best define his personal style and many singers like Rosalia have followed in his footsteps. Now these nails are again the protagonists in this fun spot.

Marking its fashion look and a retro aesthetic, the Reebok Classic Club C Vintage It becomes the new desire object of the sports brand, which go far beyond sport to become the stars of streetwear. Who else is looking forward to having ones like these?

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